Wednesday, May 11, 2011

WIWW: Preggo Edition

It's been awhile since I posted for WIWW, so I thought I'd dust off a few of the pictures over the last month and show off the growing bump :).

Dressing is getting harder -- just out grew another pair of pants, and down to one pair of actual work pants. I was really hoping to make it the last 8.5 wks without buying more maternity clothes, but I'm sure my work peeps would appreciate me wearing more than just the same brown pants to every meeting. Thinking of selling a few things to Clothes Mentor, and seeing what "gently used" maternity clothes they have. Sometimes those kinds of places aren't worth the trip, but it might be to save a few bucks!

work meeting

dress ~ Target
black cardi ~ J. Crew
maternity leggings ~ borrowed
silver ruffle flats ~ Ann Taylor Outlet
sunglasses ~ Coach Outlet
necklace ~ Tiffany

casual day at the office

coral tank ~ Target
old black skirt ~ GUESS Outlet
jean jacket ~ Gap
flop wedges ~ made by my MIL

working at the coffee shop
{thinking my bum is bigger than my bump here?}

headband ~ Target
black maternity tee ~ Target
Joe's maternity jeans ~ Pea in a Pod
coral sandals ~ Old Navy
flower ring ~ Pier 1

work meeting

navy maternity dress ~ gift from mom
same silver ruffle flats

friend's baby shower

dress ~ Target
black tank ~ Target
maternity leggings ~ borrowed
same flop wedges

hanging around the house
{now that's a baby bump!}

teal tank ~ Target
black cotton gauchos ~ Target

casual day at the office

maternity dress ~ Target
white cardi ~ Ann Taylor Outlet
earrings ~ Target
silver flops ~ Old Navy
same Coach sunglasses

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Frugal Jen said...

You look so cute pregnant! Maternity clothes are so comfortable, I miss them.

I say get a couple cute dresses that you can also wear after the baby comes. I get discouraged after each kid when I try to fit back into my pre clothes. However I would feel great putting a dress on.

Has anyone told you about the belly band after baby? That is the secret to pulling the tummy back in. Plus it's great for support.

Ashley Ann said...

so cute! i love seeing fellow preggo mommas on WIWW.

and i feel ya on the whole bum-bigger-than-bump thing!

Sylvia C. Hall said...

very cute pics!
i am really into thrifting, so that helps a lot in the 'cheap-chic' department!

it's nice to buy something for a few dollars ESPECIALLY when you know you only need it a couple of more months!

all the best,

Holli said...

You look so cute!! How are you feeling?

Lisa Fergus said...

oh my goodness, you are all belly!!! You look amazing!

Susanne said...

love the long maxi dress. in that first picture you don't look pregnant at all!

Jami said...

You look amazing! I remember how hard it was to dress for pregnancy! way to go girl ;)

Katie said...

Thanks guys!!!

@ Jen ~ A friend of mine told me about the band -- sounds like a great idea to me!

@ Holli ~ Feeling good, just back to the 1st tri headaches and sleepiness. But just 8 wks to go! :)

Kristen Duke Photography said...

What a cute little tummy you have!!! LOVE that first Target ruffle dress;)

robyn said...

hey, hey! visiting you after you visited me! love your pregnancy style - and i notice your grey Target dress in the mix!

Creative Escapes said...

Thanks for the lovely comment about my Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes - if only we lived closer - I would have given you a few :)

You look amazing pregnant!!! I was not so lucky :) seeing a pregnant belly makes me want another one!

Erin @ Frundy said...'re adorable! And, I also love your baby comforter. Can't wait to see the room!

Paige said...

Loving your long maxi dress. Hope you are feeling good, you look great!

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