Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Super Easy Candle Re-do

Well, the cleaning schedule is going so-so. As the blogger clearly states, your house can't be a total wreck for it to work. And, well, my house IS a total wreck. For now anyway, although it's slowly (and I mean s-l-o-w-l-y) looking better.

While I've been home with baby E, there's a candle that I never really noticed before on top of our armoire in the living room that was starting to drive me nuts. It was one J had before we got married.

Not particularly crazy about the yellow one, either, but thought I'd start small. So, I rummaged through all of my scrapbook paper and found a brown & blue print I liked. I laid the candle on it to figure out how much paper would cover it, cut, then folded the paper around and ended with a little tape on the back. See? I said "super easy"! Because this one sits up high, I didn't have to worry about what the top looked like.

My mom saw it and said she loved the new candle. Ha! :)


Nicole said...

ooo awesome job girl!


Katie said...

Thanks Nicole! :)

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