Sunday, May 30, 2010

Old-TImey Tray

Last night while J was working in the garage, I decided it was finally time to do something with the $5 wooden tray I found at Hobby Lobby last month.

Not sure quite what to do with it -- and wanting to alleviate some stress -- I decided to bring out the trusty Mod Podge and some scrapbook paper.

I originally thought I'd just Mod Podge the whole thing with paper, but then decided I wanted to paint the outside and edges and just paper the inside bottom. So, I found an old sample of Glidden paint in Olivewood, mixed it with some water, and sponged it on. {Because I'm impatient, I used a hairdryer to help it dry faster.}

I found a couple of pages in my paper book that had old-timey letters and lists written on it, and decided to use that for the bottom. I did one big piece, then layered on a few pieces that I ripped. For the smaller ripped pieces, I used Chalk Ink around the white edges to make it look like older paper.

I just love how those edges turned out!

After everything was stuck down, I did a final layer of Mod Podge across the top. I think I spent less than an hour on this project? But I think it turned out quite cute:

The bottom's not as shiny in person -- guess it's just my flash. Not quite sure where I'm going to put it yet, either on the nightstand in the guest room...

...or on the empty desk in the hall nook.

Hope everyone's having a wonderful long weekend!

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What I Wore Wednesdays

Well, I was going to link up again to Lindsey at the Pleated Poppy ... but it looks like she's skipping a week. Since I went ahead and took pictures anyway, I thought I'd go ahead and post. So, here goes!

working at the office

pink top ~ Kohl's
black pants ~ New York & Co.
heels ~ DSW

These heels (and brand!) have become some of my favorites -- surprisingly comfy, too!

another day at the office ...

{tried a new pose to convince myself it's okay to wear white pants}

black sweater top ~ Ann Taylor Outlet
white pants ~ Banana Republic Outlet
black strappy heels ~ K&G
leather belt ~ Kohl's

This belt came with a dress, but goes with just about anything!

working from home ... finally! and yes, I wore this to Date Night, too. ohwell.

old red tee ~ charity softball tournament
Joe's Jeans ~ Anthropologie
red zebra flip flops ~ Academy ($5!)

Forgot to take pics Saturday and Sunday ... you aren't missing much!

working at the office

button-up top ~ Kohl's
chocolate pants ~ Kohl's
GUESS patent heels ~ DSW

at the office ... yet again

purple tank ~ Old Navy
black sweater ~ J. Crew
black pants ~ New York & Co.
BCBG peep-toe heels ~ Nordstrom Rack
necklace ~ local trade days

I just love this necklace, and it was only $2!!

Being at the office most days has made me realize I desperately need pants! Any suggestions??

Friday, May 21, 2010

From Bedroom to Retreat - Slowly!

After we moved in, the only things we changed in our master bedroom were the door knobs and the light fixture. So last fall, while J was out of town, I decided it was time to finally paint. I didn't think to take a true "before" picture until I'd started moving furniture --

For the paint, I color matched a sample I had and loved it. But, when I went to Lowe's at the last minute before they closed, they couldn't figure out the ratio and ended up color-matching the color match. Do you know where this is going?

Yeah, so at midnight when I started painting, I got half a wall done before bursting into tears. The color I wanted was more of a brownish-grey. The one I got? Definitely all grey and no brown. Now, though, I like it. It's actually quite calming in the mornings when the sun shines through. And it looks great with just about any color.

I just love how kitty likes to be in every picture. Anyway, the real reason for this post? I finally found a spot for my wrought iron beauty.

Yeah, I think we hung it a tad high. Oops! Because it's soo heavy, we had to use anchors ... which equals big holes ... which means it's staying put for awhile. But I do love how the swirls compliment the swirls in this pillow I found at Pier 1.

I'm hoping to find curtains and new lamps soon, maybe a new bed frame. And maybe convince J to hang some crown molding? Definitely! ;)

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What I Wore Wednesdays

I've been feeling less than inspired by my closet. It's like I have cute pieces, but can never seem to put them together. Working from home a lot doesn't help either -- seems like all I ever wear are t-shirts and pj bottoms.

So, I thought I would link up to Lindsey over at The Pleated Poppy for her "What I Wore Wednesdays". I felt funny taking pictures of myself -- and, after taking all of these, I almost didn't post. At least it did inspire me to {semi} skip the t-shirt drawer and make a {meager} attempt at creating actual outfits.

So here we go, starting from last week. Oh, and please ignore the paint sample splotches on the wall -- the masterbath is the next project! :)

working from home and running errands

sweater ~ White House Black Market
grey tank ~ Target
old jean gauchos ~ Macys
my mother-in-law made me the black rhinestone flop wedges -- aren't they cute?!

casual day at the office, date night

black cami ~ Target
top ~ Nordstrom
Joe's Jeans ~ Anthropologie
strappy heals ~ K&G {cheap-o!}
necklace ~ Tiffany

J's gift to me for Christmas -- isn't it just beautiful?

Riding 4-wheelers, being a bum

green hat ~ company store
grey t-shirt ~ old softball team
old Citizen jeans ~ Nordstrom
black Nike flip flops ~ Famous Footwear

Driving around, local Trade Days, being a bum

brown tee ~ a gift
old jeans ~ Buckle
Roxy flip flops ~ Buckle

whirlwind day at the office

white button-up ~ Kohl's
necklace ~ Kohl's
capri slacks ~ Express
GUESS patent heels ~ DSW

work association luncheon, office

{Not sure why one pant leg looks longer than the other?}

black cardigan ~ Banana Republic
teal top ~ Banana Republic
black patent belt ~ Kohl's
grey pants ~ Banana Republic Outlet
black patent heels ~ Dilliard's
bracelets ~ Target

Just love the clear bracelets...

Whew -- glad that's over!! Just kidding, guess it wasn't that painful. It's kind of fun to look back through and see how I went out in public, although it's hard to see the detail on some of the pieces. I either need better photography skills or to post a bigger picture. Now that's a scary thought! :)

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Monday, May 17, 2010

First Blog Award! :)

Thanks to the lovely Brianna, I have my first blog award!! Thanks SO much, chica -- it means a lot.

Looks like there are a few rules:
  • Thank the person who gave it to you
  • Share seven things about you
  • Pass the award along (15 people Max)
  • Contact the people you passed it to
Simple enough ... I think! Seven things, huh? Well, okay, here goes...
  1. I love music, all kinds. I could listen to music 24 hours a day -- helps me think, helps me relax, helps me energize.
  2. Hate moths. They scare the crap out of me! And roaches, too. *shiver*
  3. I was born, raised and am still here in Texas. But, I'd move to Colorado in a heart beat! Just need to convince the hubby first...
  4. I LOVE cheese. Well, not all cheese, just cheddar. And jack. And sometimes swiss.
  5. I have to sleep on the side of the bed farthest from windows and doors. And when J's out of town? I have to leave all the lights on. And by all, I mean every. Single. One.
  6. I could live in Barnes & Noble. And Target. *sigh* And Chick-fil-a!
  7. I was composting before composting was "cool". {Is "cool" the right word? Probably not...}
Okay, time to pass this on! I'll follow in Brianna's footsteps and award seven awesome bloggers:

Lindsey @ Better After
Amanda @ Casa Brasi

Love these blogs, so check them out!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

A"door"able Hanger

A few weeks ago, while perusing my local Habitat ReStore, I came across TONS of old cabinet doors. And they were all soo aged and beautiful! I'm sure the volunteer working the place thought I was crazy as I stood there forever trying to figure out what I could do with them. And then it hit me -- decorative hooks! I bought several since I wasn't sure what size I wanted and, at only $5 a piece, I was giddy.

I then went to Hobby Lobby and found several door knobs, all 1/2 half -- which made them less than $2 a piece! I just bought an assortment that I thought might work for some place in our house. When I got home, I decided I wanted to first make one for my closet to fix my mess of purses. So, I decided on the smaller white cabinet door, and started laying out the knobs.

Once I had them slightly arranged, I marked a dot with a pen {you might want to measure -- it was late and I was just excited to get it done}. I then ventured into Man's Land {beating on chest} to do the messy stuff.

I'm guessing J thinks that workbench is organized? Anyway, I carefully cleared a spot, found some sand paper, and thought I would rough up the edges a bit. And then the smart bug hit me -- there's no telling how old some of the doors are {lead paint, anyone?}, so I put on a mask. Not that it mattered -- that paint was on soo freakin' thick, not even said paper could touch it. So I cheated.

I went around all the edges with dark brown Chalk Ink and smudged it in. Same affect, a little less work :).

I then drilled my holes...

At least they look halfway aligned...

I was trying to think of how I would actually hang the thing, and decided I want to use the original hinges. Only I couldn't get that darn top screw out to save my life. So, I'll have to get J to help me -- I'm thinking it'll have to be cut off?

I then brought it back inside and simply screwed in the knobs. I ended up switching the "K" knob out for the white rose. What do you think??

I just LOVE all of the knobs -- they're each soo beautiful ... and such a steal!

Just can't wait to get it hung! I'll post a few pics once it's up, but for now it'll sit pretty on my dresser...

What do you think?!

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