Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What I Wore Wednesdays

Well, I was going to link up again to Lindsey at the Pleated Poppy ... but it looks like she's skipping a week. Since I went ahead and took pictures anyway, I thought I'd go ahead and post. So, here goes!

working at the office

pink top ~ Kohl's
black pants ~ New York & Co.
heels ~ DSW

These heels (and brand!) have become some of my favorites -- surprisingly comfy, too!

another day at the office ...

{tried a new pose to convince myself it's okay to wear white pants}

black sweater top ~ Ann Taylor Outlet
white pants ~ Banana Republic Outlet
black strappy heels ~ K&G
leather belt ~ Kohl's

This belt came with a dress, but goes with just about anything!

working from home ... finally! and yes, I wore this to Date Night, too. ohwell.

old red tee ~ charity softball tournament
Joe's Jeans ~ Anthropologie
red zebra flip flops ~ Academy ($5!)

Forgot to take pics Saturday and Sunday ... you aren't missing much!

working at the office

button-up top ~ Kohl's
chocolate pants ~ Kohl's
GUESS patent heels ~ DSW

at the office ... yet again

purple tank ~ Old Navy
black sweater ~ J. Crew
black pants ~ New York & Co.
BCBG peep-toe heels ~ Nordstrom Rack
necklace ~ local trade days

I just love this necklace, and it was only $2!!

Being at the office most days has made me realize I desperately need pants! Any suggestions??


Debbie said...

Love all your outfits! Even your date night one....very cute.

Erin said...

Loving the Thursday outfit! I take all my pictures from that angle, b/c it makes me look thinner. :)Yes, you need to go to TJ Maxx. There are some great deals on name brand clothing.

Katie said...

Thanks!! And yes, I see a trip to TJ Maxx in my {near} future ... :)

Amy said...

I love the white pants and the super cute belt! You have darling style!

coolkids said...

cute outfits! I guess I need to venture to Khols more.

Silver Strands said...

Hi Katie ... MONDAY is my favorite this week :)

Katie said...

Thanks you guys!! And yes, I do {heart} Kohl's ... maybe too much ... :)

Amanda said...

Love your outfits! Found your page on New Friend Friday. (and I love Kohl's too!)

malia said...

Hi From NFF... fun seeing you outfits...! Hope you have a relaxing weekend.

Sally Lee by the Sea said...

Hi! Found your page on New Friend Friday - your outfits are all adorable...great blog!

Have a beachy weekend.

Marie @ Sally Lee by the Sea
"Celebrating the Coastal Lifestyle"

Stiene Saenen said...

Every outfit is great, I really like the shoes! x

Jessica Hills said...

I LOVE your outfits! Your blog is really cute...I think I will have to follow :)

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