Thursday, October 28, 2010

WIWW... on Thursday?

Looks like another WIWW on Thursday. And, while I've accomplished a lot at work {Taryn, if you're reading this, you better not be giggling!}, I've completely slacked on everything else. Well, I did manage to take photos! The weather has been absolutely a-mazing lately, and soo cannot wait for true fuzzy sweater weather.

I will say that J and I have jumped back on the Dave Ramsey band-wagon {hello Baby Step 3!}, so I'll be reaching into the depths of my closet and using a little creativity to stretch what I have for awhile. Does that mean that all spending will cease? No, probably not. But the extra shirt and jewelry I pick up every time I'm at Target? Will be ogled at from a safe distance. I'll start marking any new items ~ it'll be interesting to see just how far I can stretch the old!

office meetings

sweater ~ Banana Republic Outlet
necklace ~ Estes Park, Colorado
grey slacks ~ NY & Co
heels ~ DSW

office meetings

Dex top ~ Apricot Lane
black pants ~ NY & Co
BCBG heels ~ Nordstrom Rack

working from the coffee shop

white thermal ~ Alternative Apparel (new, $5!)
grey tank ~ Target (new)
jeans ~ Buckle
Old Navy silver flops

Not sure what happened to Saturday?

baby shower lunch &
first time to wear skinny jeans without boots! :)

grey sweater ~ Nordstrom
yellow tank ~ Kohls
skinny jeans ~ Target
silver ruffle flats ~ Ann Taylor Outlet
earrings ~ Express, I think

office meetings

dress ~ Kohls
black sweater ~ J. Crew
red belt ~ Target
old black tights
black wedges ~ White House Black Market

more office meetings

white sweater ~ Macy's
brown jacket ~ Kohls
brown pants ~ Banana Republic Outlet
GUESS patent heels ~ DSW

Love these rose earrings from Target ... one of my {last} impulse buys :)

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

What I Wore Wednesdays

SO, guess I'm a day late for WIWW, but hey -- watching the Rangers get deflated by the Yankees yesterday sort of took priority. Anyhoo, what's the phrase I hear at work? A dollar waiting on a dime? Yeah, something like that...

Oh, and I will put this disclaimer out there -- wasn't feeling too great most of the week, hence the glasses and frumpiness. Feeling better now though, just in time for Friday! :)

office meetings

black sweater ~ Macy's
capri slacks ~ Express
BCBG peep toe heels ~ Nordstrom Rack

more office meetings

Kirra striped sweater ~ PacSun
cream tank ~ Banana Republic
grey pants ~ Express
ruffle flats ~ Ann Taylor Outlet

baby shower dinner

stripe tank ~ Nordstrom
grey sweater ~ Nordstrom
necklace ~ Tiffany
skinny jeans ~ Target
boots ~ Target

I just love the ruffly flowers on the shoulder of this tank...

fishing at the lake

tee ~ gift
Paige jeans ~ Nordstrom Rack

errands, watching chickflicks and crafting

teal thermal tee ~ Alternative Apparel
black tank ~ Target
Paige jeans ~ Nordstrom Rack
silver flops ~ Old Navy

casual day at the office

Bleh ... hoping this looked better in person!

dress ~ Kohls
belt ~ Kohls
grey Vera leggings ~ Kohls
ruffle flats ~ Ann Taylor Outlet

working from the coffee shop

Sergio decided to make an appearance, too :)

black tee ~ Alternative Apparel
cream tank ~ Target
same Paige jeans
zebra flops ~ Academy

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Zebra Tissue Mirror

I'm apologizing ahead of time for any errors or weird phrases in this post. I'm writing this while watching the Rangers attempt to beat the Yankees in Game 3. So yeah, I'm a little distracted!

Anyway, while J was at his cousin's building a deer blind yesterday, I had a super girly day of chick flicks, chocolate and craftiness. I picked up a few things at Michael's, including a small unfinished mirror ($2.99) and a pack of zebra tissues from the $1 bin.

You know where this is going, right? Yep, time for some Modge Podging!

I painted the frame dark brown using some leftover paint samples, then tore the tissues into strips. I must say that it was very therapeutic. :)

I applied the strips...

Then applied a top coat of Podge to help stiffen the tissue.

Best thing about this type of project? It's {fairly} quick, and gave me several ideas for bigger projects.

It probably wouldn't have taken as long to make if I wasn't distracted by Channing Tatum's chiseled... ahem, anyway, not bad for four bucks!

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Friday, October 15, 2010

An Award + 7 Things About Me

The lovely Allison at A Glimpse Inside awarded me with the One Lovely Blog Award! Thanks SO much, girl!

The fine print:

1. Thank and link back to the person that gave you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass the award to at least 4 fellow bloggers who inspire you.
4. Let them know you gave them an award.

Now, seven things about me. Hmmmmm....

  1. I can't live without queso and flour tortillas.
  2. I'm scared of moths, roaches and Kevin Bacon.
  3. I'm addicted to white chocolate mochas.
  4. I'd move out of Texas in a heartbeat. The Hubby? Not so much.
  5. I used to play underwater hockey.
  6. I {heart} the smell of library books.
  7. It's taken me 20+ years to realize that it's not that I hate cheeseburgers, I just don't like American cheese.

And, it was hard to pick who to pass the award along to as I enjoy reading soo many blogs out there, so I've narrowed it down to five blogs that have inspired me for awhile now:

Check them out ~ and happy Friday! :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What I Wore Wednesdays

Yep, WIWW is back! I'm sure you guys have been waiting in eager anticipation, biting your nails, hoping, wishing ... *insert laughter here* Well, maybe a couple of you have been curious, anyway. I'm loving the camera on my new phone, but still trying to figure out how to take pictures without them being too blurry or look completely crappy.

I actually took more photos, but accidentally deleted them off my phone when trying to email them to myself. Oops!

office meetings

orange top ~ Banana Republic Outlet
grey sweater ~ Nordstrom
black pants ~ Banana Republic
buckled flats ~ Steve Madden

party with friends

flowy top ~ Target
my first pair of skinny jeans ever ~ Target
boots ~ Target
necklace ~ Premier

Loving this necklace!

running errands, being a bum

white hoodie ~ Target (clearance!)
brown pants ~ Kohls

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dreamy Collage

While I was scrounging for last minute garage sale items, I came across photos from our trip to Puerto Rico two years ago. I spent an hour looking through them all, dreaming about the beautiful water and our crazy memories. We'd love to go back someday, but maybe I'll brush up on my Spanish first...

Here are a few random photos that we took ~ kind of a relaxing way to start off the week, don't you think? :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Evo-lution & a Touch of French

Two exciting things ... in my world anyway ...

First ~ I didn't get a new camera {yet}, but I did get an Evo phone with an awesome camera! So now I can take some photos and share with the world ~ just keep in mind I'm still trying to figure out how to use it :)

Second ~ I came home from work today to see this lovely package waiting for me:

Inside? The lovely pillow covers I ordered on Etsy from Sally at WordGarden. Can I just say how much I freaking love these?!

The print, the fabric, the texture... {le sigh}

Can't wait to spruce up a couple of pillows. And already dreaming of which chair is lucky enough to be adorned with these ~ I may just have to buy more!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Laundry Room Inspiration Needed!

Still no camera. I know, I'm a bum.

Anyhoo, so I'm needing a little help. A little creative magic. And a large dose of inspiration. I've been wanting to fix up my laundry room. I like to think that, if the laundry room was glorious, I would accomplish more laundry. That's probably a false hope, but at least I would actually enjoy going in there!

So, I want you to link up your laundry room inspirations ~ laundry rooms that inspire you, your awesome before & afters, laundry room projects in progress, or just fun stuff you've done to make your laundry room a little less dreadful. Maybe you even know of someone else's makeover that you just adore? Link it up!

Looking forward to seeing all of your fabulous ideas! Maybe I'll even showcase a few next week... ;)

{Laundry rooms / accessories only, please. And I reserve the right to delete anything that is deemed inappropriate, so don't even go there!}

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