Sunday, January 31, 2010

Decorative Moss Topiary Ball

Last fall, I ooohed and ahhhed over some decorative moss-covered topiary balls made of twiggy vine at Potterybarn. They retailed for $20 - $30 {at the time}, so I figured I could make my own.

I started with a vine topiary ball that I picked up at Hobby Lobby for about $3 ...

...then sponged on a little sap green paint for kicks.

I found some spanish moss in the closet from when I potted an indoor plant last year. I randomly glued on pieces with clear ribbon glue until I thought it was soo ugly it worked.

Since I was placing it on top of our rustic armoire in the living room, I wasn't too concerned with what it looked like up close. But, it does add that pop of green I was looking for -- and all for a bargain!

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