Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Our Big Arrival

Well, we finally welcomed our baby boy into the world last Monday.

Can't believe he's already a week old! Still adjusting to life at home and with each other, but we're all doing great. He's asleep in my arms right now, and typing with one finger is exhausting, so will hold off on project posts just a bit longer :)

Also looking forward to dropping the baby weight in the next few months -- maybe I'll do a weekly weightloss / motivation post? Would love any inspiration to fit into my "real" jeans before fall!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Baby Update!

Well, baby is officially due tomorrow, though it seems he's being quite the procrastinator. We're being induced Sunday night if he doesn't come before then, so do a baby dance for us! I would think he's got to be ready, he's done some growing in the last couple of weeks...

Hurriedly trying to finish some last minute baby room projects, including his letters for above the crib...

One of these days I'll finish sharing all of the projects, including some no-sew pillows and hand-made animal art. Stay tuned! :)

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