Monday, July 5, 2010

Mudroom Part 2...ummm, Part 3?

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th!! Some of you may remember my last post on my mudroom bench cushion dilemma. Well, I've been wrestling with cushions again. And still not in love with any of them, though I think I'm getting closer ... maybe?

First, found this green paisley cushion at Home Depot. It's actually an outdoor cushion, but it works well since J's always throwing his wet fishing jackets up there. My biggest problem is that it's too short on the sides. But, the color would tie in with the color I want to paint the laundry room. But maybe it's a little blah?

Not quite satisfied, I made another trip to Pier 1. And I actually measured this time! They had a greyish-blue cushion online, but the store only had the brown. Love the shape and size, just not sure about the color. {And ignore the pillows, they're definitely going back!}

Blah. Maybe if it was a darker brown or a different fabric, I'd like it better. {On a side note, Taylor Swift has that exact brown flower pillow on her tour bus. Should I care that I know that? Maybe...}

So, once again, the bench sits cushion-less.

Take 4?

Friday, July 2, 2010

"Home" Plates

The wall above the breakfast nook's been looking a little bare...

I kept thinking I wanted to hang plates there, just not sure what kind. Then, after seeing many of you monogram your own plates, I thought I'd do something similar. So, I found these beautiful white plates on clearance at Target.

I had paint brushes, but went to Hobby Lobby and bought some black Acrylic paint and 4" stencils.

I cut around the letters I wanted and taped them down.

J walked in while I was painting the first one, and asked if the paint would bleed underneath the stencil. Of course not silly, I replied ... then ate my words when I removed the stencil. Oops!

Guess I'll have to figure out a different way to do that. Although, after all the plates were dry, I used a small pair of sharp scissors to scrape off the paint I didn't want. Cleaned it up quite nicely, I think!

I'd also bought these plate hangers to glue to the back of each plate...

But, once I was ready to hang, I realized the backs of my plates aren't flat:

I may go ahead and try it anyway. Otherwise, I'll have to think of a Plan B. So, for now, they're resting on the kitchen island. Super simple, and super cute! :)

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