Monday, July 5, 2010

Mudroom Part 2...ummm, Part 3?

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th!! Some of you may remember my last post on my mudroom bench cushion dilemma. Well, I've been wrestling with cushions again. And still not in love with any of them, though I think I'm getting closer ... maybe?

First, found this green paisley cushion at Home Depot. It's actually an outdoor cushion, but it works well since J's always throwing his wet fishing jackets up there. My biggest problem is that it's too short on the sides. But, the color would tie in with the color I want to paint the laundry room. But maybe it's a little blah?

Not quite satisfied, I made another trip to Pier 1. And I actually measured this time! They had a greyish-blue cushion online, but the store only had the brown. Love the shape and size, just not sure about the color. {And ignore the pillows, they're definitely going back!}

Blah. Maybe if it was a darker brown or a different fabric, I'd like it better. {On a side note, Taylor Swift has that exact brown flower pillow on her tour bus. Should I care that I know that? Maybe...}

So, once again, the bench sits cushion-less.

Take 4?


Wendy said...

I am so glad to see I am not the only one who has these dilemma! I actually like the brown cushion with the black bench. Did you check Ballards or JC Penny's? Good luck and keep us posted.

Kimmy said...

I like the brown cushion, but I have been there myself being torn between what I like/want/imagine/not sure what I want days :) I am sure you will find the perfect fit!!

Thanks for swinging by my blog!

Anonymous said...

That is the design process, all about trial and error.
Thank you for stoppping by my blog!

Maria said...

Much more cheerful. Very nice.

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