Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What I Wore Wednesdays Super Post

Hello hello!! I know, it's been forever. Going through some crud there for a bit and didn't quite feel like blogging. But the stress has subsided and -- after seeing what I've worn the last few weeks -- I think I need to come back, at least for WWIW. Nothing more motivating than having to post what you wear to get you back in the swing of things ... or at least make you brush your hair.

Anyway, I had taken several shots that I never posted, so I thought today would be a "super post" of sorts. Most of them aren't recent and a couple are from vacation. So, the good, the bad and the ugly -- knock yourself out! :)

Casual Day / Date Night

dress ~ Target
leggings ~ Vera for Kohls
silver flops ~ Old Navy

Day at the Lake

pink cami ~ Old Navy
shorts ~ Kohls
zebra flops ~ Academy

Work Day

white sweater ~ Ann Taylor Outlet
belt ~ actually just a beaded necklace (Premier Jewelry)
capri pants ~ Express
gold sandals ~ Rack Room Shoes ... I think

Work Day

white cardi ~ Ann Taylor Outlet
flowery shirt ~ Old Navy
grey slacks ~ Express
and yes, I wore my silver Old Navy flops


turquoise dress ~ Target
black beaded necklace from Kauai

Work Meeting

blue cardi ~ Ann Taylor Outlet
white tank ~ Banana Republic
tan slacks ~ Banana Republic Outlet
silver flats ~ Ann Taylor Outlet

Two of my friends are now selling Premier Jewelry, which I'm really loving!

Date Night!
Celebrating our 4-yr anniversary

dress ~ Target
I must say, I thought it looked waay cuter in person than it turned out in photos. Yuck!

Work Day

black button-up shirt ~ Macey's
floral skirt ~ Kohls
black belt ~ Target
BCBG peep-toe heels ~ Nordstrom Rack

As always, linking to the fabulous Lindsey @ The Pleated Poppy


Susanne said...

love that last outfit with the floral skirt!
and that necklace is beautiful!

Michele said...

You look great. I really like the blue cardi and your Galveston dress. Fun outfits!

courtneyricole said...

Love your style! I especially love those BCBG peep-toe heels!!

posidanielle said...

so many cute outfits!!

Mitz said...

I love that floral skirt and your work outfits are adorable too!

Kathleen said...

What great outfits! Love all the teal/aqua looks.

Katie said...

Thank you thank you!! :)

Mommy Moxie said...

I agree, the floral skirt with the BCBG peep toes is a winner!!

Screaming Meme said...

You are a doll! Your style is beautiful!

Allison said...

I have that same dress from Target: gray top with teal ruffle bottom.

You have some super cute outfits too btw! :)

Maria said...

Beautiful necklace. I love it paired with that sweater. Everything fits great too.

Katie said...

Thanks gals! :)

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