Monday, May 9, 2011

Mould It, Baby!

We're finally making progress with the baby room -- seems like the ball's really rolling now and every thing's starting to fall into place. Or, at least, I have a picture in my mind of what it'll {hopefully} look like when it's done!

J got the moulding up this week. I know, I know, some people spell it "molding" -- but that always brings to mind that green fuzzy stuff I find on muffins when I leave them out too long. Or the veggies left in the fridge for months... I digress...

I originally wanted to do a board & batten treatment like this or this, but after much debating with the hubs (and many more grey hairs), we decided on just a simple moulding hung around the room. Kind of like a chair rail, only wider and higher. I think it's actually a wide baseboard turned upside down.

So, after a few trips to Lowe's for supplies and new "toys" J insisted he needed, the actual process of putting up the moulding went fairly quick. And our game room? Became the workshop.

Once we decided on a spot above the light switch, J used a level to mark a line all the way around the room. He then went back with a stud finder and marked all the studs.

He used a little wall adhesive and a nail gun to hang the moulding. I pretended to help by holding the pieces while he nailed.

Sorry the pictures are so crappy -- our camera takes better outdoor photos than inside. But, at least it's water proof so there's no chance of me dropping it into a river this time. Anyway, this room has a Jack-n-Jill bathroom, so when it came to the opening around the sink area, J angled the edges so that it would lay flat against the wall.

The only corner that was a pain was where we have one rounded corner where the wall juts out. It only took him a couple of tries to get it cut right -- I think it went easier than either of us expected!

After the nails were in, J went around all the edges with paintable caulk and filled in the nail holes.

Once that dried, he went over everything with primer, and we had the baseboard moulding color-matched. I figure it's not too big of a deal if the colors aren't exact. And, I even managed to finally pick a paint color out of this color sample mess!

Seriously, I think I have a paint-picking problem. But I love the colors we chose -- J should have the room painted in the next couple of days, so I'll share it this week!

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Ginger said...

Look'n good...have fun! Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!

Brittany said...

Yay! I can't wait to see the final product for the baby's room!!!

Katie said...

Thanks girls!

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