Thursday, May 19, 2011

Accessorizing Baby's Room

Now that the baby room is moulded and painted, it's finally time to start adding all of the cute, fun stuff {that baby probably won't even notice or care about for years}, like:

...this cute cow rocker from Restoration Hardware. J grew up on a dairy farm, so we have to include cows somewhere!

...the hippo and frog towels I ordered from Potterybarn Kids {on sale, had a 10% off coupon, and I got free shipping!}. And is it sad I'm scared to take them out of the plastic? Maybe white towels weren't such a good idea for a baby!

...some chocolate brown curtains to help block the intense sun that pours in during the afternoon.

...and a cute curtain rod.

...can't forget new light fixtures.

...and fun storage baskets.

...wall art, too. I got a vinyl tree on sale at Babies R Us {I had a giftcard ~ thanks sis!} so hopefully it's as cute up as it is on the box.

...and a mobile for the crib. Why is it so hard to choose a mobile? I either like the top or the bottom, rarely both. But I think these two are sweet:

...and then there's the bathroom. Luckily, thanks to my wonderful work peeps, I have most of the cute bathroom stuff already. Just need to get it cleaned and painted.

I also have a neat idea for these Hobby Lobby letters I found on clearance awhile back.

Seems like a lot to do in the next seven weeks ... but the fun stuff always goes fast, right? :)


Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm Courtney, Traci's niece at Beneath My Heart. I love the first mobile you picked. I have been looking too and can't find anything I like. Do you know where I can buy one like that? Thanks! Love your blog!

Katie said...

Thanks Courtney! I found that one at Potterybarn Kids ($49), though I was flipping through a JC Penny catalog this morning and they have some cute ones, too ~ and cheaper! :)

Deborah said...

Oh love the things you've got for baby..:)
So cute!
Its so much fun getting ready for babys arrival isnt it?!

Deborah xo

Katie said...

Thanks Deborah!! It is fun! ;)

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