Wednesday, March 2, 2011

WIWW: Preggo Edition

My wardrobe's quickly becoming obsolete, so I attempted to go shopping for some maternity clothes. I'm just going to throw this out there: if any of you talented ladies are into clothing design, please design a maternity line that's stylish, comfy, affordable, and made from materials that will hold up longer than one wash! Seriously, I went to SEVERAL stores and, after picking up a couple of maternity things, ended up at Target buying "normal" clothes in bigger sizes. I figured at least that way I'd get more use out of it after baby, too.

Anyhoo, that's my rant for the day ... hopefully :). As for WIWW, I don't have many photos to share. I think it was a combo of wearing a TON of sweats this week and being too much in a rush to take a photo of anything else. And I still need to Windex that mirror...

work meetings

gold top ~ Target
grey cardi ~ Target (new)
brown maternity pants ~ Kohl's (new)
beige patent heels ~ DSW

casual work lunch

brown maternity tee ~ Old Navy (new)
Joe's maternity jeans ~ Pea in the Pod
brown flop wedges ~ Walmart (new, $3!)
earrings ~ World Market
sunglasses ~ Coach Outlet

lunch with a friend

floral tank ~ Target (new)
blue cardi ~ Target (new)
maternity jeans ~ Motherhood Maternity
necklace ~ Tiffany
same Coach sunglasses
old silver flops

and, what I wore most days: sweats

green tank ~ Target
black hoodie ~ Target
old striped sweats ~ gift, I think
bump ~ courtesy of baby :)

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Denalee said...
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Silver Strands said...

Thanks for your sweet comment Katie. And it looks like you're doing just FINE shopping at Target! I LOVE Target ... especially hitting their clearance racks. BTW, conclusion to the adoption story will go up tomorrow, and it's a sweet finish. Then on to more trials and triumphs. Thanks so much for joining me. PS - you're an awfully cute pregnant lady!

You can call me...Beffie said...

You look great! But you always have your hand in the same place, to hold your shirt closer to your body? Try a waste tie. They are the best! They make you look thiner and more curvy. A piece of ribbon works awesome too, just tie it tight right around the smallest part of your waste and vioala! You'll look AMAZING. (I do this frequently, trust me, it looks good. :))

You can call me...Beffie said...

(It will be almost like a belt, but a more formal look.)

Katie said...

Hey Beffie, that's a great idea! Thanks! :)

Morgan said...

OMG you are the cutest preggo lady ever!

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Check out my awesome Ande Monster Giveaway mmmk!!

Anonymous said...

Your so adorable. I did the same thing for a long time, just sized up. I did find some fairly good quality items at JC Penny's in maternity & our local Target carries maternity too.

Jill said...

You are looking great! I never did find any fabulous maternity clothes when I was pregnant - I actually found beach dresses and sarongs were what I wore most - and boring unflattering work clothes too!! :)

Dina's Days said...

So true, I've heard so many preggo friends complain about the same thing. There really isn't much out there. I really like the gold top. Hope you're feeling well!

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