Monday, April 26, 2010

Easy Glass Centerpieces

My dining room is driving me nuts.

About the only thing I enjoy is our table. J bought it off a friend years ago and then re-finished it. Up close it's an awesome chocolate color with honey and caramel accents. And the chairs? Are a Garden Ridge nightmare -- sometime I'll tell the story, but if you have any ideas how to dress them up, I'd love to hear it! The {boring} chandelier will hopefully be replaced in the near future too ...

In the meantime, though, I thought I could at least make a better centerpiece. The old one is from Crate & Barrel and I like it, just think it goes better on the coffee table. So, I went to Target and bought a tall glass column vase, two glass candle holders of different sizes, two candles and a box of vase filler.

I found some moss, blue wood chips from old potpourri, twigs and wine corks at home. Can you tell we like wine? ;)

I started with the moss, then layered in the other items, and I was done in 15 minutes ...

I ended up only using one candle -- it looked too symmetrical with two. Besides, I just love the bark ball :) ...

I like how the blue wood chips add just a dash of color, too. Super easy!


Wendy said...

Katie, We save our wine corks, too! No need to buy the bag of corks at Target!! I love the different textures and items you combined! It looks great!
P.S.(You have a very smart mom)

Jenni R. said...

Hi Katie: Thanks for the comments on my craft area. Your centerpiece looks great! I know the perfect items/ideas will come across your path for your dining room. I like your honesty in your blogging. Will be following you!

CASA BRASI said...

Hi Katie! Since you asked for suggestions about your Garden Ridge chairs, I think there are two answers. 1. You can slip cover them. (Or maybe just the captain chairs.) Or 2: you can spray them a different color.

Same thing for the chandelier. Take it down, spray it a different color, add some fun chandelier shades and you're in business!

I like your centerpieces! Good luck to you. Hope you can tell us the Garden Ridge story some day. said...

great job with the balls and such! I like the bark ball too.
I think the chairs aren't bad, but I would spray paint that chandelier in a heart beat! I can be so much prettier!
good luck!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

That turned out beautiful! I love your table :)

Katie said...

THANKS soo much, ladies!!

As for the suggestions to paint the chandelier, I SOOO wish I could. Unfortunately, we have 20+ ft ceilings, so we haven't figured out how to take them down without hiring an electrician. Guess it would still save money in the long run, though! :)

Brianna! said...

These are really pretty I saw a really neat tutorial on how to make your own accent balls.
It was really neat, I just can't seem to remember where I saw it.
But they just use dried beans and glued them on a round ball, and they were GORGEOUS.
love love loveeee it
I need to make my mom something like this. SOON!

Katie said...

That IS a great idea, Brianna! :)

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