Saturday, September 28, 2013

Finding Balance

Balance is an interesting thing. What, exactly, are we trying to balance? Our own expectations? Expectations of others? And everything in between?

I like to think of "balance" as that wide ledge between everything slipping between your fingers and udder boredom. And I say wide ledge because, well, I guess falling off either way is not really a surprise, right? I mean, you can always feel it coming: a sense of overwhelming anxiety when things move too fast to count, or that numbing feeling of wasting life away by choosing to remove yourself from daily life. 

I always tend to over-compensate for one or the other. Life moving too fast? I shutdown the computer, the laundry, and the stove. I resort to fast food over cooking, Pinterest over blogging, mind-numbing TV over running. No fuss, no effort. Just ho-hum.

Life moving to slow? I dial up old friends, take on work projects, house projects, craft projects and me projects. Dust baseboards, over-fix my hair, host playdate after playdate, all while sampling life's zestiness in any way possible while running a hundred miles a minute. 

It's exhausting. 

And confusing.

But if I had a wine cup in my hand right now, I'd toast to fine-tuning balance. Because the ledge? Is fun and interesting, and where carpe diem lives. 

Or so I hope.

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