Friday, July 6, 2012

Hello Again!

So, I've decided to blog again. I feel like I've finally gotten all of my ducks in a row, even if it's a messy one. I cannot believe my sweet baby is just days away from turning one -- it has been such an awesome ride thus far!

I've missed blogging -- when I start to wonder why I stopped, I'm reminded of the many unchecked boxes on my "to do" list, I look around and see the mess that is my house, I'm interrupted by the hubs, I hear the baby stirring, I'm just plain tired. I also had tried to separate creative stuff from life and, well, these days there's no separating anything anymore. It's one big puddle -- so, you might see more general life posts, some crafty stuff, ramblings, just about anything that's in my head and needs to get out.

I also enjoy browsing Pinterest, so if you're on there let me know -- would love to follow!

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