Friday, January 7, 2011

Favorite Things Friday: 2010 Moments

Well, since I never posted what I was thankful for in 2010, or Christmas decorations and treats, or my New Year resolutions, I figured I'd post some of my favorite moments from last year. Like...

...the crazy Texas snow at the first of the year:

...snowboarding in Angel Fire & Taos:


...days on the lake in our boat:

...a weekend get-away to Galveston, complete with tar balls:

...celebrating our anniversary with a sunset sail:

...J's wine adventure, from hand-picked grapes to opening his first home-made bottle:

...exploring the west coast, from San Francisco into Oregon:

...and, the day we found out I was pregnant:

And after that, the rest of the year was a blur of holidays and morning sickness :). Of course, there were many other favorite moments -- from times with family and friends, celebrating new babies, and other moments not captured on film -- that I'll treasure as we move into 2011. I can only imagine what this year will bring!

1 comment:

Val said...

Such wonderful images. Looks like fun.

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