Wednesday, June 15, 2011

WIWW: Preggo Edition

Yeah, I finally remembered to link up! :) The weather's getting hotter (100 degrees, anyone?) and the laundry pile's getting taller, so some of these aren't so great. I think I got them in the right order, though -- it's amazing how different my belly can look just day-to-day. Just a little over three weeks to go!

Oh, and I'm starting to think I pay Target's light bill...

Working from home / errands

brown maternity tee ~ Old Navy
maternity jeans ~ Motherhood Maternity
brown flop wedges ~ Walmart

Thought the outfit was boring, so I tried to do something extra for the hair ~ a little pony with a flower band from Target... eh, alright I guess...

Office meetings

black & white maternity top ~ gift from mom
black skirt ~ not really sure, found it in the back of the closet
black slides ~ Walmart

Date night

orange maternity tee ~ Target (new, clearance)
same maternity jeans
silver flops ~ Target (new)

Weekend errands

white tank ~ Target
brown tank ~ Target
same maternity jeans (I do wash them every couple of days, I promise!)
same wedge flops
earrings ~ Target

Casual day at the office

green tank ~ Target
white button-up ~ Target
black skirt ~ GUESS Outlet
black flop wedges ~ made by my MIL
sunglasses ~ Coach Outlet

Weekend swim
J bought me a kiddie pool from Walmart ~ AMAZING heat relief!

bikini that shall remain covered up ~ Victoria's Secret
black cover up ~ Walmart
silver flops ~ Old Navy

Working from home / fish fry

black maternity tee ~ borrowed
same maternity jeans (boring!)

Baby shower!

dress ~ Target
grey cardi ~ Target
earrings ~ Banana Republic Outlet (new)

Office, errands & doctor appt

white maternity tank ~ Target (new, clearance)
black tank ~ Target
purple cardi ~ Target
necklace ~ Tiffany
capri leggings ~ Target (new, $8)
same black wedge flops

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pleated poppy


Leslie said...

Your so cute prego!! I wish I looked that good when I am pregnant. My head is normally (always) in a bucket. Love your outfits. You are very stylish.

I found your cute blog via the pleated poppy

Beth said...

Cute clothes! I'm hunting down all the pregnant mommas at pleated poppy to check out the clothes. You look great and you are almost there!!!

Sylvia C. Hall said...

Looking great! I absolutely love your baby shower outfit... so pretty!

Also, I feel like I could buy a new shirt every other day at the rate of this growing belly!

take care, and stay cool!

Holli said...

You are such a cute pregnant lady! I love it.... you're like Kate Hudson pregnant... you look good no matter what you've got on :)

Katie said...

Thanks guys!!! :)

Eli & Ellie said...

Oh you are super cute! I'm 25 weeks now and having a hard time coming up with different maternity outfits! I linked up to Pleated Poppy's WIWW as well. You can check out my site here: Definitely following your blog now to copy you're cute fashion. :) You should head over and see mine and follow me as well if you want. Have a good weekend!

gail said...

YOU, my dear are just too darn cute! :)
I loved looking at these pictures.


j. w. said...

super cute outfits! I wish I would have dressed up a bit more with my pregnancies. Love all the outfits! You're a super cute pregnant lady.

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