Monday, September 27, 2010

Wish List: Burlap, Farmhouse & Beyond

I'm getting pretty ancy without a camera. It's like I do something {semi} cute around the house or put together a {decently} lovely outfit and want to share it with you guys, then I'm reminded that my camera is no longer. *sigh*

So, I'll share another "Wish List" with you, even though I'm not really quite sure what to call it. Over the weekend, the hubs and I went to our local square to celebrate Oktoberfest. While J sipped on German beer, I stole the chance to look in some of the cute shops. And I fell so deeply in love with several items, it's not even funny. Luckily, most of it was well out of my price range, but I'm still dreaming about it all. If I was cool and had an iPhone, I would have taken pictures. But, instead, I've been googling like a madwoman to see if I can't find some similar items.

This pillow comes close:

But imagine lustrious leather chairs combined with this feedsack / burlap type fabric, old vintage spoons, antique whites, farmhouse woods, french accents, old things with a new purpose. One of my favorite new places?

I'm in love.

They have no idea I've become a complete stalker. You can drool over more photos in their blog here. Did I say I'm in love?

Friday, September 24, 2010

Wish List: Painted Ceilings

I just love painted ceilings. I think it makes a room super cozy and makes it seem more "complete". I've been thinking of painting the ceiling in our office to start. I figure I'm really the only one who's in there anyway so, if it turns out horrible, J can just shut the door and ignore it :)

Some inspirational photos I'm drooling over...

Pretty, huh?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Help! Garage Sale Looming Ahead

Hey there! Well, I must say, I really missed linking up to Lindsay for WIWW this week. Still soo bummed my camera bit the dust {or should I say the water?}. I'm sure some of you are thinking, just take a pic with your phone. Well, because I'm still in the dark ages with a flip phone {insert horror scream here}. Maybe that'll change soon...

Anyway, the real reason for this post. I've organized a community garage sale in two weeks. Why I took on that task I'm not really sure. I've only had one garage sale in my life, and we practically gave everything away. So, this round, we'd like to make a little cash.

I know many of you are avid garage sale hoppers. So, will you guys share some tips on how to price items? They'll not only benefit me, but I thought about sending them out to the neighbors as well. So far, personally, we've got:

  • old clothes
  • nice clothes that just don't fit anymore (including suits)
  • super cute black bridesmaid dress that could be a prom dress
  • shoes (some nice!)
  • old brass light fixtures
  • an old gas grill that still works but looks like crap
  • books
  • old DVD player that may or may not work

What do you guys think?? Feel free to copy & paste the list into the comments section and share your pricing expertise, or share how much you'd pay for some of the items. Thanks so much!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bottled Dreams

"When we are dreaming alone it is only a dream. When we are dreaming with others, it is the beginning of reality." ~ Dom Helder Camara

J and I have been talking a lot lately about our dreams and hopes for the future. About where we'll be in, say, five years or ten years or even 50. One of J's dreams? Is to start a winery. It's an ambitious dream for sure. But how freaking cool would that be? So, we've been looking at land, and talking about what kind of wine we'd make and how we'd harvest the vineyard.

Sure, maybe it's a pipedream. But, I believe it's those dreams that create passion in life ... and make wearing a suit and tie to work more bearable. Because at the end of the day? It's not what you do while you're here, it's what you leave behind when you're gone.

Hence the load of wine-making supplies J found on Craig's List that lined our entry for awhile.

All of those boxes? Are filled with old wine bottles.

And, we now have two batches of wine "brewing" {is that the right term?} upstairs ~ musky dine and plum. Who knows, maybe it's the start of something beautiful...

Friday, September 17, 2010

WIWW: Vacation Edition

Linking up to Lindsey's WIWW, a few days late. But, I have a good excuse! We took a break from the Texas heat and spent a few days in breezy northern California. So, this is kind of a "vacation edition" -- but don't judge my outfits too much, we spent most of the time driving and hiking. Oh, and you'll get to see my face in some of these. Not a huge deal, I guess, though it does make me feel a bit "exposed". Be nice, okay? :)

didn't wear this to work, but did change as soon as I got home. comfy!

tee ~ old softball team
navy sweats ~ Kohls

casual day at the office

dress ~ Target
necklace ~ Tiffany
grey leggings ~ Vera for Kohls
grey flats ~ Aeropostale

San Francisco!

sunglasses ~ Coach Outlet
white top ~ American Eagle
grey sweater ~ Nordstrom
scarf ~ Kohls
Joe's Jeans ~ Anthropologie
silver flops ~ Old Navy
leather bag ~ Michael Kors Outlet

driving north along the Cali coast

same Coach glasses
same Nordstrom sweater
necklace ~ Tiffany
pink cami ~ Old Navy
Paige jeans ~ Nordstrom Rack

more driving & exploring

coral tank ~ Target
black hoodie ~ Target
same Paige jeans
same silver flops

then changed to go hiking...

same Target tank
same Paige jeans
yellow fleece jacket ~ Cabela's
hiking shoes ~ Columbia Outlet
hiking stick courtesy of the forest :)

fishing on the Klamath River ... right after my trout jumped loose!

sunglasses ~ flyfishing shop in Colorado
white tee ~ old 5k shirt
black water-proof pullover ~ Old Navy
jeans ~ Buckle
waders (boots) provided by the guide

Not too long after this photo, I dropped our camera in the river {insert sad face}. After 20 minutes of searching, I finally found it, wedged in the rocks under the water. While the camera's a goner, I was soo relieved to find that the memory card survived. Not sure when I'll get around to getting a new camera, so WIWW and my Moxi challenge is on hold for a bit. As well as most other postings requiring photos, I guess. I'm thinking some linky parties and wishlists in the mean time? :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What I Wore Wednesdays

Another episode of WIWW, inspired by Lindsey @ The Pleated Poppy ~ I'm posting a little early as tomorrow is going to be a doozy.

Looking back at my outfits, you'd never think that temps were still in the 90s for the most part. Ohwell, I'm easily cold, especially indoors. I missed a couple of days ... though you aren't missing much. And, I'll give you one guess as to the load of laundry I did this week!

off-site video shoot for work

button-up top ~ Target
white tank ~ Walmart
brown belt ~ Aldo Outlet
Citizen of Humanity jeans ~ Neiman's Last Call
brown wedges ~ DSW

working from home, jewelry party

white top ~ American Eagle
necklace ~ Premier
grey sweater ~ Nordstrom
Joe's Jeans ~ Anthropolgie
silver flops ~ Old Navy

working from local coffee shop, dinner with friends

headband ~ Target
black tank ~ Target
necklace ~ local Trade Days
same grey Nordstrom sweater
American Rag jeans ~ Macy's
black beaded flops ~ Kohls

driving around, antique car show

coral tank ~ Target
white sweater ~ Kohl's
jeans ~ White House Black Market
silver flops ~ Old Navy

office meeting

glasses ~ DKNY
grey sweater ~ aeropostale
white cami ~ Kohls
grey pants ~ New York & Co
black patent heels ~ Dillards

Monday, September 6, 2010

DIY Fall Wreath

I can't decide if Texas is slowly giving into fall, or if it's just being a tease? I've been in the mood to do something fallish and crafty, so I went to Michael's yesterday looking for inspiration. I decided on a wreath -- I've never made one before, so I thought if it turned out terrible then it wouldn't be a crazy waste of money (the wreath itself was only $4!).

J took the camera with him dove hunting {bleh}, so I tried to improvise with the camera on my Mac...

Didn't work out too well, so I don't really have any photos of the different phases. But seriously? Just take a plain wreath, dip some fall stuff into Mod Podge and stick it on. Follow with a little orange and gold glitter and viola! A fall wreath!

I think the little pumpkins are my favorite part. They were cute already, but I love how they look in the light after adding a bit of orange glitter.

I didn't want to add too much glitter, just a dab here and there on the leaves to make them shimmer in the afternoon light.

I decided not to go all the way around, even though I had plenty of stuff leftover. Partly because I think the wreath itself is beautiful, partly because I'd watched The Sound of Music twice in a row and was brain-dead.

Hopefully it'll last awhile, at least until I'm ready for Christmas! :)

Linking up to these fabulous parties:

Friday, September 3, 2010

Goodbye Brass!

Well, at least a piece of it. Thanks to J {and after a few curse words, some missing parts and a trip to Home Depot}, my $24 Restore find is now shining brightly over our breakfast table.

Here's a photo of the glaring white breakfast nook before we painted last fall:

Here's the nook after we painted:

Now the nook with the new light:

I can't decide if it's hung too high. Part of me also thinks it's a bit small for the space. But when you're actually sitting at the table? It's perfect!

What do you think??

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What I Wore Wednesdays

Another edition of WIWW! I managed to wear a lot of brown this week. Guess I'm just in the mood for fall. Or, maybe it's the only load of laundry I had time to wash...

office meetings

cream cardi ~ Banana Republic Outlet
floral top ~ Banana Republic Outlet
chocolate pants ~ Kohls
GUESS patent heels ~ DSW

working from home, date night

brown top ~ Macy's
Joe's Jeans ~ Anthropologie
silver flops ~ Old Navy
earrings ~ Target

Got the ring at JC Penny's alooong time ago, but just now liking it enough to wear it!


tee ~ Santa Monica, CA
shorts ~ Kohls
old Nike flops

working at the local coffee shop

brown top ~ Banana Republic Outlet
green & brown hoop earrings ~ Target
same Joe's Jeans from Anthro
brown shoes ~ Target

office meetings

green tank ~ Forever21
green & turquoise beaded necklace ~ Premier Jewelry
black sweater ~ J. Crew
white pants ~ Banana Republic Outlet
patent peep-toe wedges ~ Target

As always, linking up to the fabulous Lindsey @ The Pleated Poppy!

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